One simple reason why so many people failed to lose weight on Keto. And how to lose stubborn body fat fast by doing Keto the right way!

Losing weight feels like a battle we’ve already lost before we have even begun!

When it comes to dropping some major pounds, there is no diet we have not tried!

As luck has it, NONE of them have worked and if they have, they’ve only made us happy for a short while. That’s called instant gratification — and we don’t want NONE of that, right?!

No, we want long term gratification so where do we turn to find that?

Well, you’re looking at it — the Ketogenic Diet!

You: “Wait, hold up and back up a few minutes. The Ketogenic Diet — have tried it, failed at it, and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise!”

We’re Ready to Take the Challenge!

The Ketogenic Diet is one of the most popular weight loss diets around and we’re not surprised to hear you say how it has let you down and put you off it.

But here’s our rebuttal:  You’re not losing weight on the Keto Diet because you’re not successfully achieving the Ketosis State.

I’ve come across several women over 40 who’ve had the same grievances as you. I tell them to go check their ketosis state, which — to quickly refresh your memory — is a state where your body creates ketones in the liver and prompts your body to utilize fat for fuel instead of carbs.

Most of them return saying, the ketones test showed that their body wasn’t in the ketosis state, thus the reason for why they’re not losing weight explained.

Ketone Testing

What Are They Doing Wrong? Let’s Look at It:

  • Carb intake is too high
  • Protein intake is either too low or too high
  • Carb cheating
  • Calorie intake is too high

Are you guilty of doing one of the following above?

If you are, don’t beat yourself up over it because I am going to show you how you can get your body into the ketosis state and maintain it so you meet your weight loss goals through my book called “Ketogenic Diet:  Your Guide to Perfecting Your Eating Habits,” and your first lesson starts now.

To perfect your eating habits, your micronutrient intake, made up of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates, must be on point. It should be within these ranges:

  • Fat ­– 60% to 75% calories
  • Protein – 15% to 30% calories
  • Carbohydrates – 5% to 10% calories

Most often, it’s not, leading you to either not lose weight at all or lose weight in the first few months and then go cold — no weight loss at all! You’re unable to maintain that success rate of losing weight because your body goes out of the ketosis state and you know why — because you thought it was okay to reward yourself with a chocolate cake when it wasn’t okay at all…at least not just yet.

Your reward just opened the flood gates to your body’s old energy source and it couldn’t help, but use it instead of fat, resulting in stalled weight loss and an unhappy you!

This is why the keto diet didn’t work for you, but I know for a fact that it does and I have the evidence to proof it! In my book, I have mentioned several benefits of the low-carb and high-fat diet so let’s look at a few of them to get you onboard to give this diet another go:

Evidence #1:  According to the study, “Insulin’s Impact on Renal Sodium Transport and Blood Pressure in Health, Obesity, and Diabetes,” the keto diet helps people lose weight due to its ability to decrease insulin levels, which leads to the kidneys releasing excess sodium which in return leads to increased weight loss.

Evidence #2:  Two studies, “A Low-Carbohydrate as Compared with a Low-Fat Diet in Severe Obesity and Effects of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet On Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Risk Factor in Overweight Adolescents,” revealed that participants on a low-fat diet lost 2 to 3 times more weight than participants on a low-carb diet.

Evidence #3:  The study, “Comparison of Energy-Restricted Very Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets on Weight Loss and Body Composition in Overweight Men and Women” found that low-carb diets reduce visceral fat from the abdominal cavity, around the organs, and under the skin.

Bonus Evidence: The study, “A randomized trial comparing a very low carbohydrate diet and a calorie-restricted low fat diet on body weight and cardiovascular risk factors in healthy women” reported that subjects placed on the keto diet lost 2.2x more weight than on a diet that restricts calorie intake and limits fat intake.

Why do it just for weight loss?

Why not do it for the nutritional benefit as well?

The Ketogenic Diet is the Health Insurance for Your Body

The ketogenic diet offers you a plethora of amazing health benefits. Your body receives the following health benefits from the keto diet:

Fat burning

Triggers the fat burning process

Sugar levels

Stabilizes sugar levels

Increases weight loss

Increases weight loss

Improves brain health

Improves brain health

Increases HDL “good” cholesterol levels

Increases HDL “good” cholesterol levels

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces blood pressure

Curbs hunger pangs

Curbs hunger pangs

Weight loss

And More!

What do you say? Want to give the keto diet a second chance? If you want to lose weight at the same time reap health benefits, the ketogenic diet will help you achieve both!

The “Ketogenic Diet:  Your Guide to Perfecting Your Eating Habits,” will renew your outlook on the high-fat and low-carb diet by:

  • Broadening Your Knowledge of the Keto Diet
  • Pitting the Ketogenic Diet against the Atkins Diet
  • Offering Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians an 8 Week Meal Plan
  • Instructing You on the Various Exercises You Can Perform to Speed Up Weight Loss
  • Directing You to Change Your Life by Shopping Keto
  • Helping You Manage Your Expectations
  • Supplementing Your Diet with Supplements to Promote Weight Loss
  • Giving You the Tools and the Knowledge to Stay in the Ketosis State
  • Equipping You with Tips, Strategies, and Data to Ensure Your Weight Loss Journey Becomes a Success Story

Have I managed to change your perception of the ketogenic diet?

Have I succeeded in swaying you to try the ketogenic diet or is there still something that is nagging you?

If there is, let’s see if I can predict it.

You’re thinking that even if you go back on the ketogenic diet what are the chances of it working on you, right?

If I guessed right, let me tell you about realistic expectations. Now, I talk about this in my book as I feel this is one of the leading causes of why some people’s weight loss journey cuts short. They are unable to lose weight because they are busy comparing their weight loss with another person’s progress or they don’t have the patience to see it all the way through the finish line.

They want to lose weight fast! They want to lose weight now!

Here’s what they’re forgetting:  Everyone’s body type is different, meaning it may take your friend a week to drop significant weight, but you two weeks to drop the same amount, thus leaving you frustrated and angry.

However, there is an easy solution to this — it is to accept that your weight loss journey is your own. You will lose weight at your own pace. In the end, what really matters is — slow or fast — you’re losing weight so don’t give up and certainly, don’t take a U-turn!

Most importantly remember that ketosis starts when your body has completely depleted its energy source, carbohydrates, and then you lose weight, as your body scours for another energy source, stored fat, and that’s when the weight loss really begins.

The more you weigh, the slower the process will be, but as soon as your body hits that ketosis stage, you’ll find yourself dropping the pounds and fitting back into your old jeans!

No MOM Jeans for You!

Get Started! Your Weight Loss Journey Awaits You!

Use the “Ketogenic Diet:  Your Guide to Perfecting Your Eating Habits,” as your map, your guide to give you a successful start and a gratifying end.

Use the “study and research” proved diet to drop several pounds within a few short months. If you meet with a few bumps along the way, step over them. If people around you influence you to make bad eating choices, distances yourself from them because your health and confidence is at stake!

When you start losing weight, you’ll feel lighter and happier, and that’s just the two “awesome” side effects of the Ketogenic Diet.

Whenever you feel lost, whip out my book to find your direction.

This time around, the Keto Diet will work wonders for you because this time you’ll be doing it right!

So, are you ready to walk in the right direction?

If you are, get my book, “Ketogenic Diet:  Your Guide to Perfecting Your Eating Habits” and use it as your own, personal navigator.

Don’t wait!

I am giving you a comprehensive guide to losing weight on the ketogenic diet. Once you get your hands on my book, you’ll never need another one. I have made sure my book offers you all the information you need to transform your body and become a healthier you!

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